About Us

about Luc and LylaThe journey to become a family was… exactly that: a journey. After several years (3 years, 2 months, and 3 days - not that we were counting) of trying everything under the sun to start a family, we had been told to stop “trying.” After adopting a second puppy with that in mind, we were beyond surprised and thrilled that we, in-fact, were pregnant!!! We are still emotional thinking about that time. Fast-forward 4 years, we are now a family of 7 (2 dogs & 1 cat included). While undergoing a lot of change in a very short period of time, and with being a new mom, I had a lot to learn. Luc and Lyla was created as a resource for moms to find high-quality, useful, meaningful, and endearing baby clothing, maternity/nursing-ware, toys, and gifts. Each piece has been hand-selected and sourced with planet-friendly, organic, high-quality, and purpose in mind. Most of our products have a “story” behind it and most of our suppliers give a portion of their sales to children in need. Our goal is to help support children, families, and communities. Why? Because we have so darn much to be thankful for